Bring future communication to your business with Skype for Business

Bring the future of communication to your business. Skype for Business connects employees, partners, and customers wherever they are, helping you reduce costs while increasing productivity and responsiveness.

Only Skype for business delivers a unified communications solution and gives users a consistent experience for presence, IM, voice, and video across PCs, Macs, phones, and browsers.

  • Get up and running quickly: Skype is easy to use and works well with the devices you use every day
  • Work from anywhere: Employees can work remotely and stay in touch from wherever they are
  • Be more productive: Easily find out a colleague’s status, provide instant feedback, and work faster.








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What’s New in Skype for Business


This is best Skype released ever, with innovation across the board. Skype has always made it easy for people to communicate wherever they are, but this time it is even better with new and improved features:

  • Stay in touch anywhere: Skype enables users to communicate securely anywhere they have network connectivity, and automatically adapts to network conditions.
  • Use the device you want: Skype makes communicating easier with a consistent and familiar experience available on Windows PCs, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android smartphones. The new immersive Lync application for Windows 8 provides a seamless touch-first experience.
  • Communicate in the right way: Skype unifies voice and video calls, Skype Meetings, presence, and instant messaging in one easy-to-use client, making it simple to choose and switch between different forms of communication.
  • Connect with the outside world: Skype Federation extends unified communications securely over the Internet to customers, suppliers, and partners using Skype.
  • Take advantage of standards-based HD video: Skype uses open standards including H.264 SVC to provide a high-quality video experience on a wide range of devices.
  • Make virtual meetings more effective: See up to 5 meeting participants simultaneously with new multi-party HD video support. You can choose who to see or let Skype choose for you.
  • Easily join meetings: Joining a Skype Meeting requires only a single touch or click on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Extend Skype Meetings outside your organization with browser-based access: The Skype Web App allows PC and Mac users to join a Skype meeting from a browser and delivers a full Lync Meeting experience including IM, voice, multi-view video, data collaboration and sharing.
  • Take notes in OneNote: OneNote Share allows users in to create and share OneNote digital meeting notes within Skype Meetings.
  • Quickly and intuitively find the best way to communicate: Quick Skype is a menu that appears over a contact in the Skype contact list and shows available communication modes.


Work from Anywhere

Skype for Business allows people to communicate securely and stay connected with colleagues and customers, from wherever they chose to work. Lync’s anywhere access capabilities not only enable telecommuting and remote work for employees, but also increase real estate flexibility and provide business continuity options for organizations.

Identity Based Communication

Skype uses identity to connect people, not traditional fixed-location phone numbers. Users authenticate with their Active Directory credentials, and, once authenticated, may be reached by name from Lync or from detailed contact cards now integrated into all Office applications. Lync voice users are also reachable via telephone: their Lync number rings wherever they are, whether in the office, at home, or on the go.

Seamless Connectivity

Skype automatically establishes connections using your network or the Internet without requiring a VPN, yet keeps your communications safe using built-in encryption. Skype’s adaptive media stack ensures a high quality voice and video experience even on unmanaged networks like the Internet, while policy controls, QoS support, and call admission control allow administrators to closely manage corporate traffic.

Presence and HD Video

Skype for Business presence and HD video make remote work nearly as personal as being there. Presence based on Exchange calendar information, current PC or other device activity, and manual input indicates the current availability of users, and makes it easy to identify the right time to contact colleagues. Affordable HD video improves personal connections, and makes it possible to observe non-verbal cues and other intangible benefits of face-to-face discussions.

Call Quality
Users need assurance that other users can clearly hear, understand and/or see them while having a conversation. Skype for Business allows users to test whether current network conditions are sufficient for high quality voice and video before they initiate a call, and provides a real-time quality indicator during calls.

Benefits of Skype for Business 

  • Reduce your costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Support the mobile workforce
  • Be more responsive to customers, partners, and employees
  • Maintain regulatory compliance

Video about Skype for Business

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