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Exciting news for Swift Group of Companies and our customers

I am delighted to announce a new future for Swift Group that will help it continue to deliver its vision and its passion for providing first-class IT solutions. Building on our customer first approach, we will be able to offer greater stability and continue to offer the best in advice, expertise and.

We are pleased to announce […]

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5 Compelling Reasons Why UK Companies should Outsource their additional IT

Within any company, there are many crucial tasks that need to happen to keep a business on the go; small interventions like network patching, setting up printers, software issues and so on. Allocating resources that should be focused on the business strategy is a mistake that many companies make and as a consequence, this […]

7 Critical Reasons Why your Business Should Move to Cloud



Move to Cloud is not an option, it’s a need.

The technology world has been talking about Cloud for many years. Several companies have moved to Cloud already and have been using Cloud services daily. Cloud adoption is growing significantly and more and more corporates and IT professionals are switching. A study made by RightScale […]

Cloud efficiency: What’s next for your business?

There are many efficiencies gained by using cloud services for small and mid-size businesses. It’s a great way to access solutions that would otherwise be too expensive or complex, and it can help your business adapt to change with greater agility, among other things.

In fact, cloud services are so common these days, you might […]

Office 365: Work anywhere across devices

Office 365: Do you want your Business to be more Productive? 

If you are thinking how to make it easier to work from anywhere then using Microsoft Office 365 is the best way to achieve this.

Optimise your teams’ productivity by giving them anytime, anywhere access to email, documents, contacts and calendars on any device and ensure they are […]

Looking To Move To New Offices Soon

Moving to new offices has never been easier

Moving office is an important time for your business, whether you’re expanding, downsizing or simply changing location. Many businesses use the moving period to review their IT and telecoms requirements and assess if their existing setup will reflect future needs.

The most frequent request from businesses moving office is […]

4 Reasons Why Skype for Business

4 Reasons Why Skype for Business


Hangouts offers video calling. If your business is serious about collaboration and sharing, you should consider robust tools such as Office 365 that includes Skype for Business.


Note taking, video/content being viewed simultaneously, and chat showing up on all platforms should be your minimum bar. Hangouts […]


Cloud storage has become a critical part of today’s business model. In fact, recent studies find that more than half of all enterprises consider the cloud an essential component of success—and they’re not afraid to put their money where their mouth is. Those same companies dedicate a whopping 50 percent or more of their […]

Am I affected? What to do to protect yourself from cyber crime.

We all have been noticing that celebrities and well-known tech companies are a great target for hack attacks.

Pippa Middleton and Yahoo are the latest victims of hack attacks as we can see in the last week news. See about Pippa Middleton here, and Yahoo here. Unfortunately, cases like these are happening even more nowadays. […]

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How to choose a great IT Services provider?

How to choose a great IT Services provider?

LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER – Great service providers do whatever it takes to really understand their customer and what they want and need. This may seem like a cliche, but lots of IT services companies seem more concerned about the project and the process than about the customer.

STAY […]

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