businesses are moving to cloud


Move to Cloud is not an option, it’s a need.

The technology world has been talking about Cloud for many years. Several companies have moved to Cloud already and have been using Cloud services daily. Cloud adoption is growing significantly and more and more corporates and IT professionals are switching. A study made by RightScale in  February of this year says that 95% of IT professionals (respondents) are now using Cloud services.

But even with such a large adoption to Cloud, many companies and managers  still have doubts about this environment and  overcoming internal obstacles when it comes to moving to the cloud. What they might be missing is that moving to Cloud is not just about saving time and reducing costs, it’s also about changing the way of doing business. Moving to  a cloud service  for instance, increase employees productivity and efficiency and as a consequence  it brings a positive return to companies.

Another great benefit from the cloud is reducing physical infrastructure and many other benefits could be pointed out, such as security. Many IT managers still believe that security is the main challenge of moving to the cloud but in reality, things are different. Cloud providers have always to be up to date with the best market security practices, which is  another positive for moving to the cloud. Keeping your data in a physical Hardrive is riskier as hardware fails or can be corrupted which doesn’t happen when keeping it in the cloud.

Other benefits like scalability of your employees and reducing capex costs,  are also very attractive factors in moving to the cloud. If a company is looking to maintain its data on physical and local servers, then all of its planning has to be including upgrading these servers. That includes buying new hardware and unnecessary costs with infrastructure, as well as energy costs and maintenance.

Also moving to the cloud is just a next step to be up to date with market demand and technology developments.

That’s why migrating to the cloud is not an option but a need in today’s market. It’s  important that IT managers can understand their infrastructures and internal demands and realise how Cloud Computing can help their businesses. With that awareness, they will be able to make a better decision with the right Cloud services provider. 


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