Moving to new offices has never been easier

Moving office is an important time for your business, whether you’re expanding, downsizing or simply changing location. Many businesses use the moving period to review their IT and telecoms requirements and assess if their existing setup will reflect future needs.

The most frequent request from businesses moving office is to keep their existing numbers. At Swift Managed Services, we can help you take your existing numbers with you.

 moving office hosted telephony

Take a look at three small ways in which hosted Telephony can minimize your office move headache.

1. Seamless Transition
Traditional PBX doesn’t guarantee that you can keep your numbers, even if you move locally. In order to keep your numbers, you would likely incur significant call forwarding charges. You should also consider that a move on that scale would require months rather than weeks to plan a smooth transition, plus the cost of setting-up and ongoing rental charges.

With hosted telephony you keep your numbers with no impact on your customers or supply chain. It’s easy to reconfigure work groups and DDIs via the web portal. Seamless.

One major benefit is that if you are acquiring an office by the square meter, consider the space and money you will save by relying on only minimal hardware.

2. Connectivity
With hosted solutions, you only need to worry about your internet connectivity, as opposed to the traditional requirement of liaising with a telecoms provider, and waiting for weeks for an installation. Once you’ve plugged your phones in and set up your LAN, you’re ready to go.

Hosted telephony is flexible. You can easily switch extensions on and off as desired. Hosted telephony offers agility for the short-term and the long-term, with the ability to scale up or scale down based on your company needs.

3. Testing
It is vital that everything is tested before you move. In the past, your IT support department would need to set everything up out of hours, to check all the numbers are working and hunt groups are checked.

Hosted telephony requires only that you plug in your phone or device to test the new connection.

Easy move
It’s wise to get your hosted solutions in place before an office move, so if one is imminent, now’s the time to switch! Consider hosted telephony to be an investment in time, money and people.


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