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How to choose a great IT Services provider?

LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER – Great service providers do whatever it takes to really understand their customer and what they want and need. This may seem like a cliche, but lots of IT services companies seem more concerned about the project and the process than about the customer.

STAY TRUE – Great service providers stay true to themselves – they don’t offer up their services (or try to actually provide them) as something other than what they really are. I don’t know if providers who try to take on work outside their core offering do it out of good intentions, or if they just really need the work or the money.  Regardless, they do a disservice to themselves and their clients.

EXPERTISE – the best IT services providers are specialists, not generalists.   Whether their speciality is an industry or a type of service, specialisation gives them the knowledge to serve as experts in the field.  Their expertise gives credibility and confidence to the customer, immediately.  Specialists, are experienced, usually identify the issues faster and anticipate problems better, and bring a wealth of knowledge they’ve gleaned from similar clients.

FLEXIBILITY – Flexibility is some of the greatest qualities in a IT services provider.  A great IT Services provider is abble to match the working style and preferences of their customers. Great service providers understand one approach doesn’t fit all. After all companies are made of people, and we are all different.

ACCOMPLISHMENT — Last but not least, great IT services providers get the work done.  They don’t make excuses or miss deadlines – they just do it.  They are committed to meet the customer expectations. Because when it comes down to it, you can’t even be a service provider if you don’t provide the service.


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