Every now and then companies are threatened by fake suppliers. This scam can have a devastating impact for companies and for the people who work for them. In order to help protect yourselves and to avoid being misled, here are a few tips:

  • Strange behavior – If a supplier is rushing procedures, sending information without you asking for it or the mention of credit after you have sent a quotation, be careful. This could be a fake reseller.
  • No website or a website that looks suspicious, investigate further – surf their website and study it’s content, does it comprehensively cover all the topics relevant to that particular industry!?
    Do they have ‘partners’, are these partners household names or are recognizable to you?
    Send them and an email, does it bounce back?
  • Social network – Social media could be quite helpful in identifying scams, search on Linkedin and look for how many connections they have. Smell a rat if you find a poor Linkedin profile with few or no connections at all.
  • Office location – If in doubt, always look for the office location of your potential supplier, If this company is based at a residential address, it may give reason for concern. Google Earth could be an easy tool to help you with that.
  • Do they exist on ‘Companies House’? – Always look for companies’ details. Companies House is a good source to get trustful information about a company, you can find financial details, legal charges and office’s location.

Finding a good partner could be challenging.
That’s why we work every day to improve our procedures and partner relationships. Get in touch if you are looking for a trustful partner for IT & Telecoms.

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