The beginning of the year is an exciting time, it’s a time to reflect on past achievements and make plans for improvements for the year ahead. Here are top 6 reasons why you outsourcing your IT support should be part of your business plans for 2014.

1. Get a competitive advantage by gaining an access to latest enterprise level of technology and experts. So far this luxury could only be afforded by big corporations but not anymore.

Swift deliver a comprehensive range of strategic support to flex with your business.  Swift provides an exclusive telephone number for service customers, which will guarantee that your call will be answered and dealt with promptly.

2. Increase productivity by allowing your people to concentrate on their core tasks, rather than wasting their time dealing with IT issues.

  Swift can fully manage your IT support, Cloud and Telecoms.

3. Enjoy a responsive and pro-active IT support services delivered by qualified and experienced engineers. This will reduce downtime and most of your IT problems will be sorted before you even know it.

We invest in staff training in order to sustain our high service levels and continue developing technologies for the future.  Every member of staff of our IT team is fully qualified and experienced.

4. Reduce your costs. By having Swift managed your services, there is no need for you to hire, train or retain an in-house IT team. Plus you don’t have to provide an extra space for them!

We are your IT department for a very affordable price. Most of our clients save more than 25% on their IT costs by outsourcing their IT with us.

5. As your company changes in size, volume or strategy, you don’t have to worry about IT management issues because your IT provider flexes with you.

We are here to support you! Swift will support your business through all the changes and we will adapt our services accordingly.

6. Improve your communication and offer your stuff flexible working and mobility. Microsoft Lync is a business communication solution which enables you and your employees to communicate more effectively with instant messaging (IM), video calls and online meetings. Your employees are always connected with Microsoft Lync, which means that they can work from anywhere. This can reduce your costs even further because your employees don’t necessarily have to be in the office to do their work. Read our blog post about Microsoft Lync.

Swift can design, implement and managed Microsoft Lync for you.

If you would like to find out more about Swift managed services please visit our website or call  084 5241 5461.