Cloud computing or “The Cloud” is a phrase used for computing based on the internet. In the past people used to run applications/programs from software downloaded on a physical computer in their office, however cloud has allowed people access for the same applications through the internet. Over the years cloud has become hugely popular, especially for SME businesses. Ever year businesses spend billions on cloud computing services. So why are there so many businesses that are moving on the cloud? It’s simply because it is cost effective, flexible, secure, environmentally friendly and increases collaboration between employees.

Reduces your costs

Gone are the days where companies need to spend thousands of pounds on their computers, software and data centres. With cloud you can now source vendors who take responsibility for most of the infrastructure, which massively lowers your costs. There are usually also minimum set up costs and predicted fixed ongoing expenses.

Gives you maximum flexible

Cloud offers your company maximum flexibility and mobility. It means that as long as your employees have access to the internet, they can to their work from anywhere. This has proven to bust productivity of the business drastically. Having a cloud could also mean that, depending on your business type, you don’t need to necessary have an physical office, which can cut costs even further.

 You are secure

There are some things that we cannot control, like natural disasters. Having a cloud means that your most valuable assets, data, are always secure no matter what happens. It also means that if your hard drive or software fails for any reason, your data will not be affected by it and will never be lost. Statistics show that 60% of businesses who lose their data end up closing their business within six months. Don’t be one of them. Protecting your data means protecting your business, which essentially secures your future.

Environmentally friendly

Using the cloud results in at least 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on-site servers, so not only your business cuts expenses on energy as well but you are also green which has been proven to be hugely valuable by consumers.

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