Small business owners believe that they are immune to cyber-crime and that hackers are after big companies – bigger fish. A recent survey by National Cyber Security Alliance and Symantec found that 77% of SME believe that they are safe from hackers, viruses and malware and 83% have taken no measures against cyber threats, even though half of cyber-attacks are aimed at them.

Protecting your business will cost you money, but consequences of cyber-attack can be far more costly. Don’t risk, take preventative measures and protect your business and your future now, because once the cyber-attack happens it’s too late to introduce any measures.

Here are top steps you can take to shield your small business from cyber-attack.

1.  Have a password policy

  • Make sure you and your employees change them regularly (every 60 to 90 days is good rule)
  • Set rules that ensure passwords are complex (i.e. contain one upper case letter, one number and must be a minimum of eight characters)
  • Use different passwords for different online and system accounts

2. Have a banking only computer

Because this machine is not used for email, web-surfing or social media, it’s much harder for outsiders to gain access to your sensitive information. Also make sure to review your banking transactions daily, so you can spot fraud in near real time and possibly recover the funds.

3. Back it up!

Small businesses not only lose money in cyber-attack but also their data. 60% of businesses go out of business within six months of losing their data. Thanks to cloud computing you can now make sure that your data is completely secure. Our online backup prices start from £0.85 per GB per month and the more data you have the less you pay! This is the most affordable and reliable way to protect your data, so don’t wait until it’s too late. Back your data now.

4. Educate your employees

Educate your employees on cyber-crime and show them what they can do to prevent it.

5.  Insure your business

Cyber-crimes can still happen, but you can seek to cover your damages by purchasing an insurance policy that protects you against any losses that you may incur from crime or fraud.

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