Information and communication technology applications can be found in practically every area of life; for our private lives as well as work.

Over the last couple of decades ICT has become increasingly important tool for marketing. From database development, internet, website designs, software, hardware and direct mail, the applications of ICT is crucial for company’s success and let me explain why.


Companies use internet to communicat
e with their clients as well as prospects. Advertising and social media have become one of the core marketing strategies used by all companies around the world no matter what their size is.Therefore it is essential for business to have reliable and fast internet connection, so you can then execute your digital marketing strategy effectively and essentially grow your business.

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Tele-marketing is often used by sale departments to generate appointments with potential customers.  In order to do this effectively your business would have to have customer database and cost effective telephone systems.

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Email marketing is used on daily bases by most businesses today. It enables them to communicate with their customers as well as potential clients. To do this effectively your business would need couple of software such as Microsoft Office package with Outlook and some design program such as Photoshop or InDesign.  You would also need high performance hardware such as laptops and desktop.

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In today’s world it is unlikely that a business can be successful, without applying ICT solutions. Much of the world’s economy is driven and managed by ICT.

Swift provides companies with a range of tools, essential to marketing and success.

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